Interviewing With a Startup. What Should I Wear?

With casual dress codes changing into a lot of common, particularly among startups, several job seekers area unit inquisitive simply what they ought to wear to their interviews. Luckily, the matter isn’t as confusing because it could seem. simply follow a number of straightforward steps:

Look Up the corporate on-line

Companies like Glassdoor enable staff to rate and touch upon their employers, supplying you with an indoor consider the corporate culture and what it’s like to figure there. Often, individuals can discuss dress codes and general workplace vibes.

Similarly, the web site of the corporate at that you’re interviewing could embody photos of staff or the workplace setting, which might indicate the codification.

Pick Up the Phone

It’s straightforward, however nobody will it. If you’re unsure what to wear, you’ll continually develop the phone and decision the leader to raise. the majority can lief offer you recommendation on what to wear to the interview. better of all? you’ll even sneak a number of different questions on the corporate in there if you wish.

On an identical note, if you’re operating with a recruiter, you’ll raise them what to wear. individuals typically forget this, however if you’re operating with the proper recruiter, they’ll have your best interest at bottom and can do their best to assist you get employed.

Dress a boost up

If most staff wear jeans to figure, you are doing not need to come back to your interview during a suit. whereas I typically live by the slogan “You will ne’er be clothed ,” there area unit so things wherever being clothed will work against you. If you’re interviewing at an organization familiar for an informal codification and company culture, manifestation during a suit can counsel you haven’t done your analysis.

Instead, show that you just perceive the codification, however step it up a notch for your interview. If the codification permits jeans and a tee shirt, select one thing slightly a lot of skilled, like coloured denim, a t-shirt, and a sport jacket. This look shows you’re in tune with the culture however conjointly take your interview seriously.

I continually counsel being a step higher than the codification, however if you opt it’d add your best interest to come back utterly casual, you continue to ought to confirm you look place along. there’s an enormous distinction between an obvious, wrinkle free tee shirt with dark wash jeans and a unclean graphic tee shirt with ripped jeans. regardless of however casual the codification is, you are doing not need to seem such as you simply extended of bed. You’re still interviewing for employment.

When you’re inquisitive a way to dress for your interview, keep in mind that you just continually need to seem polished and place along. Do some analysis on the corporate codification and culture, and dress consequently. deciding what to wear to associate degree interview is tough, however if you follow these straightforward steps, you’ll be smart to go!

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